Clinic Bel Etage
Clinic Bel Etage
Dr. Armand Geageau

Dr. Armand Geageau

Facharzt für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie
Experte für Facelift


– 1. Oct. 1975 – June 1976 (9 months appointment) at Evangelical
Krankenhaus Oberhausen. Department of General and pediatric
Surgery (Prof. K. Lennert) (see letter and catalogue in English item 8).
This Hospital’s location represented a center of gravity. Huge amount of
surgical cases with vast variety and Exposure to modern techniques in
General and pediatric Surgery was guaranteed. Enjoyable great
amount of self and independent operating. After this period I have
been as a rotation Exchange Resident at St Mark’s Hospital in London
mainly in the section of rectal surgery for one month.
– 1. July 1976 – 31 December 1976 (6 months). Special Resident with
Distinction in pediatric Surgery (Prof. Talbert) at Shand’s teaching
Hospital in Gainesville/Florida/USA. Exposure to great pediatric surgical
procedures, Assistance and performance of full range of pediatric
surgical interventions (see item 9).
– Jan. 1977 – March 1977 (3 months) – Earliest exposure in orientation
fellowship residency frame within affiliated Hospitals of Plastic Surgery
Depts. at Yale Univ. /New Connecticut/USA. The first concentrated
period in plastic and Reconstructive surgery, full range of assistance in
serial operative cases, additional General Surgery Syllabus. Translations
and data revisions.
– April 1977 – April 1978 ( 1 year) – Residency in General Surgery with
concentrated Rotation period in Maxillofacial Surgery (Prof. Rehrmann).
Completion of required Dental Degree (D.D.S.) for future formation in
Plastic, Reconstructive Maxillofacial Surgery, Senior Resident activity in
General Surgery (Dr. Pohl) (see item 10).
– 1 May 1978 – 30 April 1979 (1 year) First Residency Program in Plastic
surgery at Hospital Foch – (Prof. Paul L. Tessier) – Suresnes/France.
Predominantly craniofacial Surgery, Aesthetic surgery at Clinique
Belvedere/Boulogne/France as Private Assistant. Accomplishment of
experimental research an publications (see below vast range of
assistance and performance in various moderate and serious cases in
craniofacial deformities congenital and traumatic, see items 11 a
certificate, Title Diploma Dr. in Medicine (translated). (11 b) List of
operation statistically classified (11 c).
Acquirement of alpha – FOCH Honor (11d and 11 c)
– 1 May 1979 – 30 0ct. 1979 (6 months), 2nd Residency period senior
resident of Prof. Verdan in Hand and Microsurgery Clinique Longeraie –
CHUV Lausanne/Switzerland. Concentrated knowledge and colorful
experience in congenital Hand deformities and reconstructive
procedures. Operative formation and manual training in daily and
common Hand diseases and injuries. Intensive collaboration in
Microsurgery of Brachial plexus. Besides all, first assistant of PD Dr.
Rodolphe Meyer Aesthetic surgery as well as Head and Neck surgery at
Clinique Cecil and Hospital Cantonal respectively, vast exposure to
modern techniques. Operative training in reconstructive procedures of
Head and Neck region – Publications – see below – (see item 12 a & 12
b and 13 a & 13 b.)
– Nov. 1979 – May 1980. Third plastic surgery period. Fellowship at
Department Of Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial surgery at
Denver/Colorado/USA. University Heath Center. American Boards
syllabus. Prominent contribution in the teaching program, operative
performance within the Rocky Mountain Craniofacial Centre within our
department. Interdepartmental consultations and cooperation with
executive pre-planned procedures transfer. Multiple performances of
reconstructive procedures in Head (Mainly Maxillocraniofacial) and
Neck (Mainly radical dissection procedures).
– During this period In service Exam in April 1980 with 85 % result. Cases
presentations – oral exam – publications (see below), see item 14.
– June 1980 – Aug. 1980 (15 a). Visiting fellow in the Dept. Of surgery
Mayo Clinic. During this period which enriched the intensity of
contribution to the fellowship activities. I had the chance of presenting
challenging cases in the field of specialty. The cooperation of the clinic
surgery attending in promoting the techniques and solutions of the
discussed problems were exemplary.
– Sept. 1980 – May 1981. Instructor in the faculty of Baylor College of
Medicine Houston/Texas/USA in the division of Plastic & Reconstructive
surgery (15b) This is the period when voluntarily invested all my energy
to enjoy the activity of instruction. The alloy of modified European
surgical techniques and the progressive American ones explicitly
presented and applied whenever needed resulted in fruitful
performance. All these cases I treated surgically during the attending
activities in Europe were discussed in details during our journal club and
symposiums sessions. A multiple grouping of techniques weighed and
verified at the hand of the operations catalogues included.
– June 1981 – Aug. 1981. Resident Specialist, teaching activities in Dept.
General surgery Collaborating and attending operateur Hôpital Foch
and Hôpital Ambroise Paré (Hand – and Neuroperipherial surgery) –
Diverse private practice replacements, with range of surgical schedules
attendance Performance of intercommunal surgical symposiums and
Journal Clubs. Concentrated operative activity in General surgery
Boards syllabus (see item 16 a). Full range of plastic surgery procedure
section (16b). Completion of statistical operative catalogue for French
Boards in Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial surgery as well as
Hand surgery. Recognition of Formation in E.C.C. frame.
During the instructing period, fulfillment of C.C.F.C.P. (College du
College Français de Chir. Plastique et Réparatrice) Program Wise
Completion of requirements for F .E.S.E.S. (Fellowship in the European
surgical Exchange Service).
– Sept. 1981 – Sept. 1982 ( 1 year). Attending od Division for Plastic surgery
within the Dept. of General Surgery of Krankenhaus Bethesda – Stuttgart
W. Germany. Teaching program for Exchange residents in affiliated
University Hospitals of Tubingen. Accomplishment of European Boards
of unified recognition in activity (see item 17 a & b, 18 a & b and
catalogue) as well as committee oral exams of case presentation,
defense and manifestations (August 1982).
– Oct. 1982 – May 1983. Private practice activity within the leading
hospitals in Paris : American hospital & George Bizet Clinic, as well as
attendance and supervision of operating program in the state Hospital
of Centre Hospitalier St. Germain en Laye/France. Activity foreseen until
June 1983 (see item 19 a & 19 b).
– June 1983 – 0ct. 1983. Visiting of the International Congress of Plastic
and Reconstructive Surgery in Montréal/Canada which has been of a
great asset in following up the most recent achievements in the world
of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. During this period I had been
given an opportunity to be active in the surgical activities and
academic performances within the Dept. Of Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgery at the Mayo Clinic Minn./USA.
A highly saturated program has been most interesting to get integrated
into. I have been active as a visiting specialist and clinician contributing
in the teaching program of interns and residents on service aiming
towards their Board’s syllabus. (see item 20).
As far as research work is concerned I have contributed in a number of
experimental topics, thus collecting diligently the early data as well as
the important and indispensable references (see items under
The visiting professional sessions of an average time of on week each,
have been spent as follows:
– Sharing experiences with the famous Rhinosplasty (aesthetic
functional nose surgery) experts Dr. Morey Parks and Dr. Jack
– Later, with the famous inventor of the tissue-expander Dr.
Chedomir Radovan (see letter included)
– In the fascinating branch of pure aesthetic surgery I spent a
valuable time with the well-known in their Face-lifts and
Abdominopasty, Dr. Thomas Baker and Dr. Howard Gordon in
– At the Texas medical Center in Houston/Texas, I garnered a
deep look into the profound techniques of Dr. Cronin’s Group
in Handling extraordinarily interesting cases.
Wherever I have been, valuable articles and publications have been
presented to me, which I have taken with me back to the Mayo Clinic
to enrich our journal club sessions and teaching lectures (item 21).
– Nov. 83 – July 84, Active Specialist in the Departments of General Plastic
and Reconstructive Surgery within the Parisian hospitals and private
– Aug. 84 March 85, Private practice establishment associated with hand
surgeon, Phoenix, Ariz./USA. California State Board Licensure exam
– Apr. 85 – Apr. 86, Consultant and Head of Division Plastic +
Reconstructive Surgery at Buraydah Central Hospital and Al-Qassim
Specialist Hospital, Foundation of a centralized Division of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery as well as a Burn care unit for the region.
– May 86 – March 99, Continuation of private practice activity at private
hospitals in Düsseldorf, Koeln and Bonn. Regular consulting activity in
aesthetic surgery (Q 12 weeks) in private cliniques in Paris such as
Trocadero, Porte Maillot and Milan. Solid formation and vast
expérience in the multiple aspects of Laser Surgery (therapeutic usage
in Dermatology and in aesthetic treatment of skin) : through academic
contribution, cooperation and case presentations in many symposiums
and Workshops.
– Apr.99 – Dec. 00, doctors without borders (Médecins sans frontière) in
third world countries : Middle East & Africa
– Jan. 01 – Dec.12, Private practice and operative center in
Beirut/Lebanon with corresponding hospitalization activities in the
neighboring private hospitals and specialist clinics in central zone of the
– Jan 13 – until now, private practice in France and Germany mainly
aesthetic surgery

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