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Hip pain due to cartilage wear – what now?

Our hip joint is subjected to a lot of wear and tear in the course of our lives. If the cartilage tissue between the femoral head and the acetabulum of the pelvic bone is affected by severe wear, great pain will result. If the wear of the cartilage (coxarthrosis) has progressed too far, the implantation of an artificial hip joint is necessary to restore the quality of life and mobility of the affected person. The use of hip joint implants, which has already been going on for many years, has prompted physicians and medical technicians to develop increasingly gentle solutions for hip joint replacement. The culmination of this development is the so-called AMIS approach.

AMIS, the gentle method for a hip implant

In earlier years, surgery for implanting a new hip joint was usually a very invasive procedure, and it is still practiced in this form today. Using the conventional approach, it is not uncommon for doctors to require more than five hours to complete hip replacement surgery. Moreover, the recovery process is very tedious, debilitating and painful for the patient, as a lot of muscle mass has to be cut during implantation. The AMIS method provides a minimally invasive and proven option to regain mobility in the event of an upcoming hip replacement. Through a short, anterior skin incision, we gain the access we need to place your new hip implant, all without damaging surrounding muscles or nerves.

Mobile through short stem prosthesis and AMIS access

For permanent and painful hip conditions, a short-shaft prosthesis combined with the AMIS method offers the chance for a whole new way of life. Our goal at Clinic Bel Etage is to restore your mobility as quickly as possible. We approach your hip problems with state-of-the-art implants, tact and a holistic therapy plan. In our private clinic, we offer you not only our surgical solutions, but also directly a suitable physiotherapy. Thus, the way back to mobile everyday life begins for you already on the day of the operation.

The advantages of the AMIS method at a glance:
  • Protection of muscles and nerves
  • Less pain after the procedure
  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Smaller scar
  • Accelerated return to everyday life
  • Reduced blood loss during surgery
  • Reduced risk of dislocation
  • Reduced risk of limping
Dr. (TR) Hüseyin Senyurt

Head Doctor Orthopedics,
Reconstructive Surgery & Sports Medicine

Oleh Maykan

Specialist in Orthopedics &
Reconstructive Surgery

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