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Clinic Bel Etage
Physiotherapy at Clinic Bel Etage


Clinic Bel Etage has its own physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. We want you to regain your balance. To do this, we first get you off balance. On our SensoBoards you will learn to control your body with a high fun factor. While rowing and stand-up paddling, among other things, you will see which muscles you have already retired. Our philosophy is a full body workout supported by balance exercises and EMS. Of course we also offer massages, manual therapy, classical physiotherapy, electrotherapy and fango. The Center of Balance is constantly expanding with innovative training methods. A visit is worthwhile. Due to the close cooperation with our surgeons, our therapists are very familiar with postoperative treatment. Especially during the first 6-12 weeks, when the scar is forming and the bone on the implants is growing, we accompany you through this critical phase with us or with your trusted physiotherapist.

Get moving through targeted physiotherapy

After injuries and in cases of physical discomfort, structured physiotherapy is necessary to improve the patient’s quality of life. In many cases, surgery can thus be avoided and the body spared. At the Clinic Bel Etage we offer a holistic concept for the active regeneration of your body. Depending on the symptoms and individual life situation, our physiotherapists develop a coherent physio program to restore your mobility. We rely on the interplay of on-site therapy, home exercises and massage therapy.

Conservative therapy after surgery

Those who have undergone surgery usually require physiotherapy treatment to strengthen the body. Muscle building and regaining your stability are the main focus of the therapy. After an operation, people lose muscle mass very quickly and are correspondingly weakened afterwards. Especially after an operation, it is therefore necessary to rebuild the muscles that provide us with stability. For an optimal result in the field of rebuilding therapy we use modern and interactive methods, which can accelerate the regeneration.

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