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Knee Surgery

Diagnostics before knee surgery

In the event of a knee injury, the correct diagnosis must be made immediately in order to avoid possible consequential stress for the patient. In addition to the clinical assessment, an MRI provides information about the extent of the knee injury and the affected regions. Subsequently, our specialists develop a holistic treatment strategy based on the findings.

Knee surgery in the Clinic Bel Etage

Our knee joints are able to master complicated movements in fractions of a second and are under enormous strain when practicing many types of sports. Not only in sports, but also in everyday life, our knees are constantly responsible for demanding movements. So, it’s no wonder that this stress can also lead to overstraining and injuries. In many cases, long-term stress leads to successive wear and tear of the cartilage – uncoordinated movements and external influences lead to ligament injuries. In both cases, optimal medical care is the key to regaining mobility. Clinic Bel Etage offers its patients the entire spectrum, modern and conservative therapy options. From arthroscopic, minimally invasive procedures, cartilage cell therapies, to the use of an endoprosthesis.

Minimally invasive surgery for cartilage and ligament injuries

Modern surgical techniques allow us to perform knee operations with minimal stress for our patients. An operation technique that has been standardized for years in knee surgery is the so-called arthroscopy. Here it is possible to gently reach the desired area and thus the surgical goal with minimal incisions. The treatments offered in the field of minimally invasive surgery include cartilage cell therapy, meniscus smoothing and other measures for ligament injuries in the knee. Using this surgical technique, our surgeons are able to correct major damage in the long term with the help of a comparatively small operation, thus enabling the patient to recover quickly.

Disease patterns and suitable surgical interventions:
Meniscus damage, rupture or partial rupture

Sports activities or external influences can be the cause of damage to the meniscus. When the injury occurs, many affected persons speak of a loud cracking sound, sometimes even of a bang. The meniscus is divided into outer and inner meniscus and can tear or be damaged in many different ways. Depending on the extent of the damage, a decision must be made as to whether surgery is a suitable treatment method. In addition to minimally invasive surgical measures, conservative treatment may be a sensible alternative. A new and particularly promising method is the so-called meniscus wrapping. Here, the damaged meniscus is restored with the help of a minimally invasive operation.

Inner and outer ligament surgery

Ruptures of the medial and lateral ligaments are usually treated by surgery to restore the patient’s ability to play sports. The above-mentioned injuries occur with increased frequency, especially in athletes, during jerky movements or unfortunate contacts. These ligament injuries are often accompanied by damage to the cruciate ligament and meniscus.

Inner and outer ligament ruptures usually cause permanent instability in those affected, which can only be permanently corrected by knee surgery. Such surgery involves reconstruction of the injured ligaments. With such surgery, the patient’s ability to play sports can be restored in combination with conservative physiotherapy.

Treatment of torn cruciate ligament

The correction of cruciate ligament injuries requires a high degree of surgical sensitivity and know-how. Within the last few years, the already known surgical procedures have been continuously improved and in some cases completely newly developed. The goal of appropriate therapy is the full return of knee stability. In the case of a fresh tear, arthroscopic treatment of the internal rupture may be necessary to restore the extensibility of the leg. In such an operation, concomitant injuries such as damage to the meniscus can be treated in the same operation. Afterwards, you have the option of replacing the destroyed cruciate ligament with a plastic or alternative treatment method.

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Chief Physician in Orthopedics
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