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Nutritional Counseling

A healthy and balanced diet is the basic requirement for a life in balance. If one neglects these aspects, the consequences are often serious and make themselves felt with undesirable effects in everyday life. Permanent fatigue or a particular susceptibility to diseases and a general immune deficiency are not uncommon. The Clinic Bel Etage offers a comprehensive nutritional consultation and helps you to balance your nutrition and thus your entire life.

1. Intestinal Reorganization

More bacteria live in our intestines than our body has cells. The intestinal flora controls not only our digestion, but also our behavior on what we have appetite. A good intestinal flora ensures that we feel well. The right composition of the intestinal flora is all the more important. If the intestine is sick, we are also sick. Although we have more nerve cells in our intestines than in our brains, we think less about our diet. This is not only about obvious harmful substances such as alcohol, but also about supposedly healthy foods such as milk and wheat, which can cause chronic inflammation. These damage our intestines and thus our immune system, which is mainly located in the gut. This is how diseases and allergies can develop throughout the body. Make sure that your usual quality of life does not make your life a misery!

2. Metabolism program instead of malnutrition

Fasting is healthy, no question – but is it a permanent solution? Diets and starvation diets always create a deficiency in the body. The metabolism is strained at the expense of important functions. A healthy diet must be balanced. Only when the metabolism is brought back into balance do we feel good in our bodies. That is why we work with Metabolic Balance in nutritional counseling. This program has already proven itself thousands of times over and is not aimed at short-term success, but rather a sustainable metabolic change – so that we can taste what is healthy again. By regulating the insulin level of a healthy diet, many patients with diabetes, allergies, intolerances and other metabolic disorders can be helped very well. This program is complemented by a targeted intake of micronutrients to rebalance the control function of enzymes and hormones and also support internal cellular respiration.

3. Detox program – free yourself from unnecessary ballast

Weight reduction and metabolic change are always associated with detoxification of the body. In this process, the organs of elimination liver, kidney and also the skin are more burdened. Therefore, it is important to strengthen these organs and prepare them for the necessary house cleaning. Of course, this should be done in a natural way. Use the power of nature to strengthen yourself. But our Detox program also includes helping you to reduce stress and not let it get to you at all in the future. Tackle the root causes to eliminate the symptoms. We recharge your energy stores with targeted mitochondrial therapy so you can go through life with vigor again.

Anja Schmitz

Naturopath & Nutritionist
Management of Medical Spa

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