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Plastic Surgery at Clinic Bel Etage Düsseldorf

Plastic Surgery

When the form or function of the human body is impaired, surgical correction is often the only way to restore the quality of life of the affected person. These impairments are mainly caused by congenital malformations or as a result of an accident. Plastic surgery at Clinic Bel Etage offers a wide range of reconstructive measures to eliminate your complaints.

Preliminary examination and individual consultation

In order to determine the appropriate therapy, a preliminary consultation is highly recommended. Dr. med. Burak Fouquet, specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, takes his time and analyzes the situation in a joint discussion in order to be able to plan further concrete steps with you.

Breast reduction

A breast that is too large can be a great burden in everyday life for women. Not only aesthetic factors play a role, but also the restrictions that too large a breast brings with it in everyday life. In addition, those affected often complain of severe back, neck and shoulder pain. Over time, the too large bust size shifts further and further down and the impairments as well as the self-esteem develops more and more into the negative. Breast reduction not only reduces the mammary gland, but also repositions the nipple in a new and appealing way. In the same course, skin tightening in the breast area is a natural and logical consequence. Precise planning and execution are essential in the redesign of the breast to be adjusted. In Clinic Bel Etage we offer you the best conditions for a successful result and a pleasant recovery phase. Only when you are completely satisfied, our work is finished.

Treatment of gynecomastia in men

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the male mammary gland. Since the increase of the breast is for femininity, those affected find this condition extremely distressing. A vacation at the beach is no longer an option for many patients suffering from gynecomastia. In order to be able to take the right surgical measures, it is important to clarify in advance whether the cause is “real” or pseudogynecomastia. Suitable surgical options are removal of the glands or correction by VASER or PAL liposuction.

Spectrum of Plastic Surgery

As a state-of-the-art private clinic, Plastic Surgery at Clinic Bel Etage offers its patients the entire spectrum of plastic reconstructive procedures. We are happy to advise you in detail on all your wishes and concerns and offer innovative methods for goal-oriented therapy.


Tummy tuck for muscle weakness
Breast reduction
Correction for painful scars
Skin graft
Removal of soft tissue tumors
Removal of skin tumors
Gynecomastia surgery
Hyperhidrosis surgery
Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. med. Burak Fouquet

Chief Physician in General Surgery
Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

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