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Clinic Bel Etage
Scoliosis at Clinic Bel Etage Düsseldorf


We pay special attention to scoliotic deformities in our private clinic. The targeted treatment of scoliosis requires the entire spectrum of conservative therapy as well as dynamic stabilization in the surgical field.

We consistently differentiate between infantile scoliosis and adult scoliosis. Today the doctors at Clinic Bel Etage treat scoliosis patients from all over the world – children as well as adults.

Clinic Bel Etage organizes and holds many training courses on the subject for doctors and physiotherapists. In this way all participants are brought up to date on the subject of scoliosis and also become part of a strong network for better care of scoliosis patients.

Sustainable therapy for scoliosis

The Clinic Bel Etage offers scoliosis patients prospects of a pain-free future with its modern equipment on 4000 m², innovative treatment methods and renowned experts. Dr Hüseyin Senyurt, Medical Director of Clinic Bel Etage, specializes in the treatment of scoliosis patients and has many years of experience. For over 20 years, people from all over the world have trusted his skills and are convinced of the treatment results. He consistently differentiates between childhood scoliosis and adult scoliosis when selecting a treatment approach. In our clinic we take the time to answer your questions and will be happy to provide you with detailed advice on all treatment options, taking into account your individual situation.

Symptoms and long-term consequences of severe scoliosis

Common consequences of a congenital scoliotic deformity are back pain, muscle tension and damage to the organs. If the spinal curvature is not treated, the main threat is the successive weakening of important organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach and intestines. Only those who recognize the origin and subsequently seek the right treatment can avoid these consequences. You have been undergoing medical treatment for a long time, but the success of the treatment and your health situation are not improving? Clinic Bel Etage offers you a well-founded second opinion with its combined expertise in scoliotic treatment strategies.

Surgical therapy for scoliosis

In the case of a pronounced curvature of the spine (over 40%), surgical correction of the curvature is often the only chance for the patient to be able to carry out his or her daily life without restrictions. To achieve the targeted treatment success, Dr. Senyurt applies the latest findings from the field of scoliosis research. The aim of the operation is to straighten the curved spine again using the latest medical components, thus providing lasting relief from the symptoms. Such correction requires particular sensitivity in patients who are still growing. In these cases, he uses a system with movable metal pins that can be adjusted to the new body statics by magnets without surgery.

Dr. (TR) Hüseyin Senyurt

Chief Physician in Orthopedics
Sports Medicine & Pediatric Orthopedics

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