Clinic Bel Etage
Clinic Bel Etage


Varied and healthy meals

True to the slogan “The upper level of healthy food”, we provide our patients with culinary and healthy delicacies from our in-house restaurant Chez la Belle. Our aim is to make your journey to recovery as pleasant as possible during your stay at Clinic Bel Etage, so a balanced diet is naturally part of our program.

It all began with the vision of creating a place where patients would receive the highest level of medical care and enjoy the greatest level of hospitality and comfort. The Clinic Bel Etage and our restaurant Chez la Belle form an ideal symbiosis in this respect. With great passion, Anja Schmitz, owner of the clinic and certified nutritionist, developed a sophisticated nutritional concept under which the chefs of Chez la Belle create healthy and nutritious menus for you every day.

Try the fancy offers and let the gourmet experts from Chez la Belle spoil you!

Healthy Food

In order to achieve the best possible results in the preparation of the dishes, a wide variety of top quality organic products are used. At Chez la Belle, the bread is still home-baked and a 24-hour dough rest makes it a real taste experience. All our dishes are prepared in such a way that the valuable ingredients and vitamins are preserved during the cooking process. We do not use wheat flour, sugar, preservatives or additives. To round off our product portfolio according to our standards, we naturally also offer our customers a diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan delicacies. Feel with us how one can strengthen by a healthy kitchen, body, spirit and well-being. Not only patients can enjoy our creations, also as a guest or visitor, we look forward to welcoming you at Chez la Belle.

Homemade cake and fresh salads

Homemade pastries and fresh salads cannot be missing from a coherent menu offer. Convince yourself of the large offer of our fresh counter and discover the variety of flavors from all over the world.

At the salad bar you have the possibility to compose your own salad, according to your heart’s desire. All ingredients meet the highest standards and are delivered fresh daily.

With a homemade cake from Chez la Belle you are always right. Whether for dessert or simply in between, our cake creations are convincing all along the line.

During your stay at the Clinic Bel Etage, we will be happy to deliver the desired dishes to your room.

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