Clinic Bel Etage
Clinic Bel Etage

Our Philosophy

How often do we wish family members, friends and colleagues “above all, good health!” In reality, health is only worth something to us when we no longer have it. It is then all the more important to find a clinic where you will be helped quickly, competently and sustainably. But do we need private clinics for this? Private clinics are not an alternative to the statutory healthcare system, but a sensible and necessary supplement. They are the middle class of the healthcare system. They give innovations a chance and offer specialists a platform to turn basic care into optimal care. They do without state subsidies in order to maintain freedom of therapy. They are the safest place to get well.

Only high quality implants are used at Clinic Bel Etage. We take time for our patients and invest in staff and equipment to provide them with the best medical and caring treatment.

Clinic Bel Etage is run by doctors and therapists who have made their profession their vocation. The attention to detail and the desire to make good things better makes Clinic Bel Etage a clinic like no other.

Anja and Andreas Schmitz

Owner of Clinic Bel Etage