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Sports Medicine

Exercise and sporting activities keep us fit, strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent illness. Unfortunately, however, anyone who stresses his or her body also increases his or her own risk of injury. When an injury occurs, fast, targeted and holistic therapy is the most important component. At Clinic Bel Etage, our specialists work closely together to offer you a wide range of treatments.

Diagnostics and targeted therapy

Which therapy promises the greatest success after a sports accident must be decided on an individual basis. Thus, the right diagnostics is crucial to ensure that the patient is able to perform his or her sport again to the full extent in a sustainable and nevertheless quick manner.  If there is a possibility to treat the injury conservatively, this option is our first choice. In the case of serious incidents, however, the only option is often surgical intervention. At Clinic Bel Etage, a large number of experts work to offer you a goal-oriented therapy that exactly fits you and your symptoms.

Conservative treatments

A large number of different injuries means a wide range of treatment options. Conservative treatment of sports injuries is an important component of sports medicine and in many cases can resolve the present complaints. These treatment points mainly involve the practice of physiotherapeutic exercises, massages and strength training. At Clinic Bel Etage, we take care of setting up a suitable physio program and carry it out together with you. In close cooperation with our sports orthopedists, our physiotherapists will get you back in shape. The physiotherapeutic content we offer is usefully supplemented by modern aids such as our SensoBoards.

Surgical treatments

If conservative treatment is no longer sufficient after a sports accident or many years of overuse, surgical intervention is often the only way to restore quality of life. Even in the case of surgery, we are careful to proceed as gently as possible and to use modern techniques for the benefit of our patients. Our experts will explain to you in detail which options are available for your injury during their on-site consultation hours.

Operative spectrum of sports medicine:
  • Minimally invasive correction of torn ligaments, partial ruptures and minor cartilage damage.
  • Minimally invasive treatment of cartilage damage in the form of cartilage cell therapy
  • Surgical treatment for sports fractures
  • Joint replacement in case of wear
  • Reconstruction of ligaments by modern plastics
  • Surgical preservation of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments
Treatment philosophy

Torn ligaments, bone fractures, cartilage damage and damaged joint structures can result from many sports. To ensure that your symptoms are corrected in the best possible way, we accompany you from diagnosis to physiotherapy. Our goal is to restore our patients’ ability to play sports as quickly as possible. In the case of ligament injuries, we use modern diagnostics to decide which form of therapy promises the best chance of success for you. It is important to us to operate only in the unavoidable case and to spare the health of our patients.

Dr. (TR) Hüseyin Senyurt

Chief Physician in Orthopedics
Sports Medicine & Pediatric Orthopedics

Oleh Maykan

Chief Physician in Orthopedics & Trauma Surgery
Department Cartilage Replacement

Turan Ocak

Chief Physician in Conservative Orthopedics & Microtherapy
Specialist in 4D Surveys

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