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Minimally Invasive Pain Therapy at Clinic Bel Etage Düsseldorf

Minimally Invasive Pain Therapy

When back and neck pain determine everyday life, it is important to act quickly. The diagnosis regarding the cause of the pain has the highest priority. Only when it can be determined exactly where the pain is coming from can it be combated in a targeted manner. If the pain is so severe that a normal life is no longer possible, minimally invasive pain therapy offers the possibility of rapid relief.

Microtherapy – efficient against pain

Medication is best administered exactly where the pain originates. Microtherapy uses our computer tomograph and very fine instruments (1-2.5 mm) to inject highly effective medication with pinpoint accuracy. The effect of this measure is immediate, so that the desired effect already occurs during the treatment. Chronic back and neck pain as well as general pain in the back and neck area can thus be treated effectively. Depending on the consistency of the pain sensation, such sessions can be repeated several times at individually defined intervals. The goal is to completely conquer the pain and enable the patient to lead a pain-free everyday life.

Cause of pain in facet joints

Complaints in the addressed areas can radiate and become negatively noticeable at different points of the body. In some cases, the chest, arms and legs are also affected by these radiations. The cause of these complaints can come from nerves, facet joints and the sacroiliac joints. Pronounced wear and tear, as in osteoarthritis, can cause severe pain. Due to the pain impulses present, the movement of the affected person is restricted, which reduces the urge to move and also worsens the course of the disease by breaking down the muscles.

Treatment of nerve irritation syndrome (herniated disc, constriction of the nerve exit site)

Microtherapy has a wide range of applications for the treatment of pain in the back or neck, chest and other areas of the body. In the case of a herniated disc or constriction of nerves, physiotherapeutic treatment methods often do not lead to the desired result. With the help of computer tomography and medical instruments for microtherapeutic treatment, affected nerves can be treated specifically and the pain can be relieved. This treatment is applied precisely to the area of the nerve root and provides rapid relief.

Radiofrequency therapy – long-term pain relief

In the case of chronic neck and back pain caused by vertebral joints, radiofrequency therapy is an option for long-term freedom from symptoms. If you are affected by permanent discomfort, we can help you return to an active life with the help of radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency technology targets exactly where the pain originates – the pain nerves. The nerves are responsible for transmitting the present discomfort in the form of local as well as radiating pain. The computer tomographic control of a probe designed for the therapy enables the obliteration of the mentioned nerve. The radiofrequency energy transmitted through the instrument provides heating of the surrounding nerve tissue. This creates a permanent pain blockade and the patient is freed from chronic pain.

Hüseyin Sahinbas

Chief Physician in Radiology
Interventional Oncology

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