Clinic Bel Etage
Clinic Bel Etage
Anesthesia in Clinic Bel Etage Düsseldorf


All anesthesia procedures are offered at Clinic Bel Etage. Our anesthesiologists will discuss with you prior to surgery which procedure is best for you.

Local anesthesia at Clinic Bel Etage

With local anesthesia, only a small area is infiltrated, just like at the dentist. The patient is awake and quickly recovered after the operation. Local anesthesia is not suitable for longer and very precise operations, because the patient will not stay still.

Partial anesthesia

In partial anesthesia, only one extremity is anesthetized (block) or the lower half of the body (spinal anesthesia). Here, too, the patient remains awake. The advantage of these procedures is that the patient does not feel pain for a long time after the operation. At some point, however, the effect stops, so we recommend that the patient remain inpatient at the clinic for one night.

General anesthesia

If an operation takes longer, the patient must lie absolutely still because a high-precision operation is being performed – or if the patient does not want to notice anything, general anesthesia is the best method.

Dr. med. Gerhard Schlosser

Chief Physician in Anesthesia & Pediatric Anesthesia
Head of Operating Room Management

Dr. med. Jehad Al-Khayat

Chief Physician in Anesthesia & Intensive Care
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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