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Pain Therapy

80% of all people experience back or neck pain at least once in their lives. According to statistics, back problems are the most frequent cause for a visit to the doctor. In times of increasing service and office work, more and more people complain about back or neck pain in the last decades. At Clinic Bel Etage, we want to help our patients with precisely these problems, looking at each complaint profile individually. The goal is to give patients back their quality of life by reducing pain. If alternative therapies and surgery are not the most effective options for improving pain, we recommend targeted pain treatment in the form of microtherapy. Microtherapy is about using the smallest and gentlest possible measures to achieve a large effect. When an area of the spine is identified as the cause of pain, targeted injections can be used to target corresponding pain. There are three areas of the spine where microtherapy is used in pain medicine:

  • Joints
  • Nerves
  • Intervertebral discs

The pain we feel in the back and neck usually comes from one of the above regions. Nevertheless, there are always cases where several nerves and joints are affected. In these situations, microtherapy is of immense importance. Here, the targeted injections can be used to determine from which areas the pain originates. For many patients, the therapy only works from a certain combination of treatments. Once the pain has been eliminated, the aim is to achieve a pain-free or pain-free state – the goal of the entire pain therapy.

The procedure of Pain Therapy

During the application of pain therapy or microtherapy, the most modern technology and the years of experience of our specialist are used in a targeted manner. Under the continuous observation of the spine by our in-house CT device, Turan Ocak treats our patients with highly effective medications. These are injected with the help of very thin needles, exactly where the source of the pain is to be found. By using these fine instruments, the treatment is painless to painless and allows high chances of success. During the treatment, the patient can lie relaxed on his stomach while the expert performs the treatment. Such a session usually lasts no more than 15-20 minutes and is possible without any special preparation. Depending on the intensity and severity of the pain, the therapy is repeated 4-6 times.


Turan Ocak

Chief Physician in Conservative Orthopedics & Microtherapy
Specialist in 4D Surveys

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