Clinic Bel Etage
Clinic Bel Etage
VASER at Clinic Bel Etage Düsseldorf


The gentlest therapy for lipedema

Clinic Bel Etage is the first clinic in Germany to have the VASER with PowerX module. The innovation from the United States offers a gentle therapy to remove disturbing fat tissue.

In previous methods of liposuction, the fat cells were loosened either with back-and-forth beating cannulas or by a water jet in order to then suck them out. The VASER uses ultrasound at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per second to loosen the cells one by one from the tissue. The rotating cannula allows the silhouette to be shaped very precisely in all directions without damaging the blood vessels and nerves under the skin. As a result, there is significantly less postoperative bruising, numbness as well as ripples in the skin. With previous procedures, the regeneration time was considerably longer. With VASER therapy, the hoped-for relief of symptoms is thus achieved much sooner.

In the case of lipedema, the VASER is the optimal therapy method. Patients often suffer for many years until the correct diagnosis is made. The slim waistline often indicates that the patient is not suffering from normal obesity. Reducing weight alone has no effect on lipedema. The circumference of the arms and legs continues to increase. The only reasonable option is the removal of the diseased fatty tissue. This is also increasingly recognized by health insurance companies. This is because patients not only suffer from the painfully swollen arms and legs, but also complain of pain in the joints and spine, which are strained by the large weight.

Nevertheless, many patients are ashamed to talk to their doctor about their problem areas or even to show them. Yet they can be helped quickly and effectively with the VASER. Our team around head physician Dr. med. Burak Fouquet not only accompanies you safely through the operation, but also advises you holistically to stop the inflammatory process in your body and to get your metabolism back into balance.

Dr. med. Burak Fouquet

Chief Physician in General Surgery
Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

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